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  • Accu-Measure FitKid Body Fat Caliper for Children / Kids

Accu-Measure FitKid Body Fat Caliper for Children / Kids

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The Accu-Measure FitKid Caliper is easy-to-use, totally private, clinically accurate, safe for your children, monitors childrens body fat in seconds.

All you need to do is measure in 2 places: back of the arm (triceps) and side of the calf. Then add up the measurements and look up the % body fat on a table included in the package.

 The FitKid product is used to measure childrens % body fat from ages 6-17.

"Assessing your child's risk for developing diabetes and heart disease involves more than just weighing your child! Measuring body fat regularly with this simple tool allows parents and pediatricians to accurately combat the sedentary effects of too much "screen time" (tv, computer, video games) and not enough "green time" (soccer and other outdoor activities)."- Larry Wolk, MD, Pediatrician & founder of Rocky Mountain Youth, a non-profit medical group providing health care to children in need.

Children should first be made aware of the purpose and methods of the measuring body fat. You should maintain records over time of the body fat % results, but also track their growth, diet, and physical activity. Keep the results private between you and your child. There should be no negative effects by performing these tests, as long as you take the time to educate your child. Your relationship and motivation is very important if your child needs to improve personal body fat results.

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