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  • BB Paintball Shotgun Set - Pump Action Paintball!!

BB Paintball Shotgun Set - Pump Action Paintball!!



  • Includes: BB Paintball Rifle
  • x 200 6mm paintballs
  • x 200 6mm pellets
  • Protective glasses
  • Caution: An adult must supervise persons 14 to 18 years. 18 + only to buy!

    Lock and load with the Paintball Shotgun. Beware! This packs a punch! Ain't no denying you'll be the meanest looking gangster in town when you sling this weapon of choice across your back. Quote your favourite lines from your favourite movies before unleashing hell upon your target. See who can ham up the best emotional death scene after receiving a 'fatal' shot to the stomach. Lying on the floor, clutched in the arms of your comrade, choking on the final few gasps of air that you'll ever breathe you mutter your faint last words... This is great fun, especially with two or more players. Get dressed up in clothes that make you look the part but, ultimately, you or your parents must not mind getting covered in paint! It does wash off. Be careful of eyes and animals. Always wear the glasses provided. Do not fire at close range.



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