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  • GOCLEVER Elysium VR Virtual Reality Smartphone Headset Goggles
  • GOCLEVER Elysium VR Virtual Reality Smartphone Headset Goggles
  • GOCLEVER Elysium VR Virtual Reality Smartphone Headset Goggles

GOCLEVER Elysium VR Virtual Reality Smartphone Headset Goggles




Discover the virtual reality...

The virtual reality goggles GOCLEVER ELYSIUM VR change your smartphone into an extraordinary portable 3D player for videos, games, images, etc. The device will allow you to discover the world of three-dimensional entertainment, without having to spend a fortune. All you need to do is place your smartphone in the dedicated spot, start the 3D material of your choosing, put the device on your head and start watching. It is extremely simple! For better satisfaction, your smartphone should have a gyroscope and at least Full HD screen.

Seeing is believing
GOCLEVER ELYSIUM VR is a device unlike anything you've ever experienced. At any moment and at any place, you can explore images in a completely different dimension and have an unforgettable experience. Without even leaving your home, you can land on the moon, experience a roller coaster ride or have a guided tour around a renowned museum. Regardless of whether you're playing your favourite game, watching an interesting 3D movie or viewing breath-taking photos, it will seem like you're really there!

How does it work?
The goggles are equipped with a pair of adjustable high-quality magnifiers, creating a "surround" screen effect. As a result, you'll feel like you're sitting in front of a huge cinema screen, even though you're just looking at your smartphone's screen. A special wall divides the screen in two, so that the image is displayed separately for each eye, and then combined in your brain to form one consistent three-dimensional view. A few moments is enough to conjure up a 3D cinema in your own room.

Put the goggles on and visit the virtual land
Using GOCLEVER ELYSIUM VR, you can experience stereoscopic view, covering most of your field of vision. Smartphones with a gyroscope will make the image rotate along with you, allowing you to freely look right and left, as well as up and down. Movements on the screen will perfectly match the movements of your head. Combining the gyroscope sensor with head movement tracking software creates the unforgettable effect of virtual reality.

Your own private session
The world in GOCLEVER ELYSIUM VR goggles is a place only you will have access to. No one else around you will be able to see what you're watching. You can get fully immersed in virtual entertainment without worrying that someone may disturb you.

Simple and comfortable
Sturdy casing of the device is made of high-quality material, and the elements having direct contact with your body are covered with a soft material. Using ELYSIUM VR is extremely easy, enjoyable and comfortable.

Compatibility with Google Cardboard ecosystem
The device is compatible with the Google Cardboard ecosystem. As a result, you can have access to a wide range of applications dedicated to VR glasses.
Other Characteristics:
Adjustable interpupillary distance: Yes
Adjustable straps: Yes
Card reader integrated: No
Cleaning cloth: Yes
Colour of product: Black
Construction type: Smartphone-based
Depth: 11.2 cm
Height: 15.8 cm
Interpupillary distance (max): 7.3 cm
Interpupillary distance (min): 5.6 cm
Manual: Yes
Maximum screen size compatibility: 14 cm (5.5")
Minimum screen size compatibility: 10.2 cm (4")
Mobile operating systems supported: Android
Recommended gender: Boy/Girl
Viewing angle: 360°
Width: 24.6 cm

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