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  • Kiditec Mini Construction Set 1120 (24 Pieces)

Kiditec Mini Construction Set 1120 (24 Pieces)



  • A brightly coloured unique and fun construction system
  • This educational toy encourages children to be creative and expand the use of their imagination
  • Unlike other building sets that only allow the pieces to slot together vertically or horizontally, with Kiditec the pieces can also attach on the diagonal as well as screw or clip together
  • Builds 7 different models: kidi-Cat, kidi-Doggy, kidi-Robot, kidi-Bunny, kidi-Fant, kidi-Bird, kidi-Snake
  • Patented world novelty construction system from Switzerland

Kiditec is a brightly coloured, fun and unique construction system that can be constantly redesigned and rebuilt. This versatile and extremely high-quality Swiss-made toy has been designed by engineers and is set to be the toy of the future!

Each set comes with age-appropriate instructions offering suggestions of just what you can build with your Kiditec system. However don’t let that be it, you can invent anything that your imagination conceives.

Sturdy screw fixings and precision made components fit perfectly together to build stable three dimensional models. With the Multi-Set there is an option to build a working crane and with the Multi-Car you can even build your very own ride-on toy!!

Kiditec is the new construction system for the 21st century, it stimulates accuracy and imagination and also develops and enhances motor dexterity and coordination skills. For boys & girls and Mums & Dads, it is fun for all the family - the only limit is your imagination. So go on, discover the world of Kiditec and build like a genius!

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