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  • Namman Pain Relief Massage Thai Oil 220ml

Namman Pain Relief Massage Thai Oil 220ml

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  • Relieves muscle pain, strains and bruises.
  • Easy to apply, massage directly onto the skin.
  • Natural product.
  • Used as a warm-up oil before participating in activities.
  • Gives deep, penetrating warmth.
  • 220ml in glass bottle.
One bottle of Original Namman Thai Oil for a long lasting supply of muscle relaxing and pain relieving agent for pre and post workout application. Recuperate quickly from the strains and sprains of your last workout whilst preventing injuries from upcoming training. Effective pain relief from back aches, sprains, arthritis and rheumatism. Whilst popularity has always been high in Muay Thai Boxing, it is currently spreading to other contact sports and has recently been included in the official rules Kickboxing committee IKF, on their list of approved and allowed products in use during competitive fights and at shows. Product Description Namman Muay originated in 1960 in Thailand. At first, it was used by Thai Boxers (Muay Thai) who are known as fierce athletes. They used it before or during training and matches. Rubbing muscles with Namman Muay can prepare the body for extreme activity and help to prevent injury. Namman Muay is the only kind of liniment in Thailand that possesses these unique characteristics. The body will be ready for physical exertion after applying and rubbing the muscles with Namman Muay. The benefit of Namman Muay were learned mouth to mouth, from the Thai boxers to their relatives and athletes of other kinds of sports such as basketball, soccer, track and field, etc. It is well-known that Namman Muay can eliminate pain and stiffness, as well as increase alertness and energy in your body. Today it is essential for boxers, soccer players, runners and other athletes.

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