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  • Pressure Massager

Pressure Massager



By definition, Massage is 'the manipulation of muscles with pressure'. Massage aids muscle recovery, renew's tired limbs and promotes a feeling of stressless well-being and relaxation.So if you've being neglecting your self lately and not making space for a little 'me time', lets change that right now!This brand new design of personal massager has a round dome covered in nodules. When pressure is applied to the handle, the massager vibrates to aid relaxation and release muscular tension. The nodules are specially designed to direct the vibrations and pressure into localized areas of the muscle to maximize the effects of the massager on the body. The pressure massager can be used for full body massages and comes in the smart colour combination, silver and white.Who knows - if you use the Pressure Massager to give a great massage and maybe you'll receive one too?!

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