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  • Robo Fish Robotic Blue Wimple Fish

Robo Fish Robotic Blue Wimple Fish

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The next generation of Robo Fish is here, with new designs based on fish you would find in the deepest parts of the sea. The new fish include the colourful wimple fish and the more sinister looking angler fish. Just like regular Robo Fish, these small aquatic robots are water activated and swim just like real fish as soon as they enter the water. Their rear tails swish from side-to-side and power them through the deep where they can move in all directions to fully explore their underwater environment. 

  • Blue Wimple style Robo Fish
  • Swims when submerged in water
  • Water activated
  • Life-like tail fin movement
  • Tap to wake up
Wimple Fish Facts:
Personality: Jolly & Adventurous
Size: 20cm - 30cm 
Favourite Hobby: Exploring the tropical areas of the Indo-Pacific Ocean
Home: Indo-Pacific Ocean
Ocean Friends: All of the Robo family!


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