Joggle Bopper Story from an American buyer

Posted by Patrick Bywater on

This is not a typical review, but because of something quite serious I might say on behalf of this product, I figured I should mention it here.

We live on a lot of acres in the Mountains of Northwestern NC, and most of it is wooded. Because of that, we get a lot of animals roaming around the house, including black bears. We are used to them, and they come in various shapes and sizes so we can usually tell which ones are out there. We count six that frequent this property in search of seeds we put out for birds.

Tonight, about a little over an hour ago, while a large black bear was above a stone wall about fifteen feet from our back door, where one of the feeders is, I had to head to a building back there because we have a freezer, another refrigerator, and other appliances and facilities in operation in that building. I needed a couple loaves of bread and had to go back there to get them, so even though the bear was out there, I took the chance.

Now, when we once tried to keep the bears away, we tried everything. We banged on pots and pans, shot some blasts from a very loud air horn, and even used the hose to hit them in the face, taking the risk of being out there with the bears, but none of those even concerned these bears. In fact, they just stared at us and acted as though we were more of an irritant than a threat to them.

After I got the two loaves of bread, I started to leave that building and head to the house. It's such a short distance, but long enough so that you would not have much of a chance in case you were being chased, but neither of us have ever been chased before. I was cool at that moment. My lady was at the back door, where I told her to wait because of the chance the bear might come down closer to the door and keep me blocked in. Well, as soon as I stepped out far enough to see the bear, which was just a couple of feet past the wall and just out of sight of me until I walked about two feet from the door of that building. Once I was there, I turned and looked at the bear, which had lifted itself higher and stared into my eyes, and then, without warning, it rushed at me. I charged right at me, but I was able to shoot back into the building and close the door.

Well, we know that bear will stay there for up to four hours at a stretch, eating sometimes one or two seeds at a time, and sometimes it will doze a little before it leaves. I told my lady friend that it looks like I'll be there for a long time, so she tried the air horn again. The bear, which I was watching while sticking my head and shoulders out of the door, was not phased. But then, out of the blue, I could see her leave through the windows of our enclosed side porch and then return with this toy, blue lights flashing, and she opened the back door and tossed it towards the bear. This little toy began making all kinds of noise and started tumbling all over the ground beneath where the bear was, and that bear stood up, appeared shocked, and started to trot back about twenty feet. Thinking quickly, I rushed across to the back door and got inside before the bear had the chance to realize all was OK, or before this little toy stopped doing its thing.

So, I thank this toy and its manufacturers for developing a toy we got for our little cocker spaniel, but which is a definite life savior when it comes to angry bears

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